A message from our FIMBC Vice President, Chip Wood:
River Family and friends, I need your help this Saturday, the boat club has decided to take a stand and make a statement against all the tragic events happening around the Tri State area lately, ATV accidents.
I know we think it will never happen to me, or I teach my kids to be safe and responsible, but the fact is that these tragedies have happened and we’d like to help stop future ones.
This Saturday, August 26 at 10am we are having a Play for Kate Event at the shelter, it will last less that an hour and it can be informational to ALL AGES. Safety Sam the robot will be there for the kids and a DNR Officer will be there to help us be safe. Please take one hour out of your day and bring your kids and help us try to slow these tragic events down.
This event is OPEN to everyone. Please share this post with your family and friends who like to ride.