Happy New Year everyone!

This year we are excited to note some changes to our FIMBC Board of Directors. It’s always great to change things up, and we are grateful for those who have served in the past.

This year, the board has evaluated the need to have a Communications Officer and has officially made it an additional appointed role on the board. This person will be responsible for up keep on the website, social media, advertising, signage, public relations and promoting information to the public and current FIMBC members. This responsibility has often been split between the Secretary and Ways and Means. And with the continued growth we have seen through social media and the internet, it makes sense to appoint an additional individual to manage just this area.

(drum roll, please)

We are pleased to announce the new FIMBC Board for 2017:

President, Scott Silke
Vice President, Chip Wood
Secretary, Buffy Crowley
Treasurer: Brenda Bates
Ways and Means: Missy Silke
Riverfront: Paul Wayman
Membership: Curtis Like
Communications: Saundra Hadley