Annual River Poker Run

Event details

  • August 11, 2018
  • 11:00 am - 4:00 pm
  • Ellis Island
Here we go again!!! One of our most POPULAR fundraisers. This IS THE DATE, unless the river does not cooperate.
$10 per hand
Bring extra money for merchandise, Chuck a Luck wheel, half pot and more!

Register at Ellis Island (Rope Swing) 11am-1pm
Card – Rockport (KY side across from Rockport- Rocky Side Park)
Card – Laguna Beach (IN side before the Owens bridge)
Card – Little Hurricane
Card – French Island #2 (end of second Island)
Last Card — Back to Ellis Island (Rope Swing)

Last boat in by 4pm at Ellis Island (Rope Swing) Take your Run Sheet to the REGISTRATION TABLE on the island.

Here are the RULES and the STOPS. We reserve the right to change the order of the stops if we need to before the event, but you will have the FINAL order by 10am on Saturday.
1. $10 per hand, for FIVE card draw.
2. A card will be issued for each hand purchased.
3. Participants must draw one (1) card Per Entry at each stop.
4. Before drawing a card at any stop, participant will present his/her “Run Sheet”.
5. As the participant it is YOUR responsibility to ensure that the Official punched the card on your run sheet, BEFORE you leave the stop.
6. Officials will ensure no peeking at drawing cards. Cheaters will be asked to leave.
7. You CANNOT have a duplicate card drawn, you must draw again at the stop and have an Officiant punch your Run Sheet.
8. Ace is High. No Wild Cards and NO Jokers.
9. Prizes will be awarded at the designated time after the deadline passes and the hands are judged.
10. In case of a tie, Participants will draw one additional card – the HIGH card will win.
11. Decisions of the Judges are FINAL.
12. 50% of pot goes to 1st and 2nd place – 60/40
13. You will have the opportunity to pay $5 at the final stop for a LAST CHANCE card to help your hand. You can only draw ONE time.
14. (And the most important) have fun!!!! This is a fundraiser for FIMBC.